Tunisia has been under the administration or occupation of a number of empires, from the Phoenicians and Romans to the Ottoman Turks and the French.  The country is the site of the ancient city of Carthage, which was a dominant power in the Western Mediterranean in the 9th Century BC.

Tunisia declared independence from France in 1956 under President Bourguiba, who was then overthrown in a peaceful coup by Zine el Abidine Ben Ali in 1987.  Ben Ali ruled as president until he was forced to flee the country in 2011 following the Tunisian Revolution.


Following an intensive campaign of resistance by the Tunisian people from December 2010 onwards, the government was placed under great pressure to implement reforms to combat rising unemployment, food shortages and mass political corruption.  Parliamentary elections in October 2011 saw the Ennhada party win but fall short of an outright majority.  In December 2011 a new President and Prime Minister were sworn in.

Social Issues

There are 10.62 million people living in Tunisia today, of which 14% are unemployed and 3.8% live below the poverty line. 1.

The Way TV Viewership

Precise figures are not known but The Way TV frequently receives messages from viewers in Tunisia.


Islam is the state religion and the constitution stipulates that the President must be Muslim.  Around 98% of Tunisia is Sunni Muslim, with a 1% Christian population and a significant Jewish minority. 2.  Proselytizing in public is forbidden, although non-Muslim religions are allowed on the condition that they do not disturb public order.  Conversion from Islam is not forbidden, but is frowned upon and there are reports of discrimination in employment and academic opportunities on the basis of religion.

Prayer Points

Pray for continued tolerance and co-operation from the government of Christians, so that they may worship freely.
Pray that the rights of children, workers and citizens are respected throughout Tunisia.

"On behalf of all the Christians in Tunisia, I would like to express my thanks and admiration for your noble ministry.  You have brought peace of mind to many people and helped them know that the Son of Man is the only one who can fill people's hearts with love."  A man from Tunisia


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THE WAY TV is made up of Christians from around the world who believe God can use Christian satellite television to transform the Middle East , North Africa, Europe, America and Canada...

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“It’s the first time I write to The Way TV’s channel as until now I was not able to tune to your broadcast. I am overwhelmed with joy because just recently I managed to tune to your excellent programs. Could you please extent your airtime a bit so we can benefit more? May God supply all your spiritual and physical needs so you would be able to spread the Word of God to the entire world.” – A man from Libya

man from Libya

“I would like to share my testimony. I met Jesus more than one time. And I would like to share it with all of you and my friends and family..” – A woman from Egypt

woman from Egypt

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